2018/2019 Legends Coaches

 Andy Barney  Pat Ozburn  Abdullah Parker Meena Allada
B2003, G2001  B2009,  B2008  B2010, B2008, B2004, B2001, B2000  B2010, B2009, B2008
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 Jen Buczkowski Andrew Clifton Richie Diaz  Andrew Vorce
G2008, G2005 Lee's Summit Legends G2008, G2007, G2006,G2005 B2012, B2007, B2006, B2004, B2003 & G2010
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Erin Ellefson Poli Hanna Kyle Hogge Matt Iverson
G2004 B2010, B2002 B2002, B2001, B2000, G2003 G2009, G2007, G2006, G2005, G2003, G2002
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Brandon Ulm Aaron Abdo Michael Bennett Kem Thomas
B2008, B2006  B2009, G2008 & G2009 G2009, B2007 Academy, B2010, G2010, G2009, G2008, G2007 & G2006
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Dirk Lawson Dylan Shillcut Jeff Rivers Christiaan Leyva
B2005 B2009 B2004 G2009, G2006, G2005, G2002
Bio Bio Bio Bio
Darby Cronin Greg Herdlick Lippi Souza Felipe Abreu
G2009, G2007, G2006 G2004 G2005, G2006, B2002 B2009, B2008, G2007, G2006
Bio Bio Bio Bio
Tom McCarthy Mike Stone Jarrod Williams Mike Villaverde
G2003, B2007, B2004, B2001 G2008 B2006 B2006, B2005
Bio Bio Bio Bio
David Mayer Chad Deshler Mark Moreno Rob Burns
B2006, B2003, G2010 G2007 B2003, B2002 G2010
Bio Bio Bio Bio
Richard Dennis Gabriel Aves Sergio Avalos Michael Bazan
B2006 & B2008 B2006 & B2008 G2004 B2010, B2009, & B2008
Bio Bio Bio Bio
Jeff Green Devin Brown Austin Benton Jackson Ozburn
 B2012, B2011, B2008, B2007, & G2006 B2010 & G2007 B2007 B2010, G2007
      Bio      Bio Bio Bio
Luis Ramirez Derrick Christensen Alexander Bacon-Garcia Kam Ozburn
B2010, B2009, G2010 & G2011 B2009 B2003 & B2005 B2012
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Our coaches are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first individual, then team success.Their commitment is to encourage brave, creative leadership in every player.
We will support children to dare greatly and not be afraid to make mistakes!As a result no risk will be feared- on or off the field.
This child-first mentality is exclusive to the Legends Soccer Club. Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame!

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