What is the Junior Legends Program?


Jr. Legends is a year round program for boys and girls in kindergarten and 1st grade.  Teams will train twice a week and play games against teams from outside of the Legends club. You will have the choice to play in a developmental outdoor and indoor league. Jr. Legends members also get full access to the Legends Skills Academy as well as 24 hour access to the
Legends Indoor Training Center.

Our Junior Legends coaches have specific training working with young players. Our staff's ability to engage and encourage them to "go for it" is truly amazing.  We build technical players with an emphasis on their individual development at this stage.  We create these players with games that are geared to their age and development. This produces players with a passion to fall in love with the game. 

Junior Legends also has the benefits of the Cloud Coaching System. 

The Legends philosophy and approach is nationally recognized for its ability to teach the fundamental individual skills that are the foundation for all great players. We are experts in teaching the fakes and moves and shooting skills using fun and exciting games. 

In an effort to make the program as convenient as possible, we have a variety of practice locations. 


Overland Park




Current 2016 Junior Girl Teams 

 KC Legends 2010 Academy
KC Legends 2010 Pre-academy
KC Legends 2011 Junior Red
KC Legends 2011 Junior Black

Current 2016 Junior Boy Teams

KC Legends 2010 Academy
KC Legends 2010 Pre-Academy
KC Legends 2011 Arsenal 
KC Legends 2011 Red
KC Legends 2011 Black

Take advantage of the best soccer program in the city for kids ages 5-7!

The cost is only $67 per month!

Annual Registration Fee is 125$ a year! 

Introducing the NEW KC Indoor Juniors Developmental 4v4 Indoor League

This unique league caters to 2009 and 2010 soccer teams. 
It is the best league for the development of the players. They will receive hundreds of touches on the ball compared to an outdoor field playing 5v5 or 7v7.  The fast pace of the game keeps the players engaged and focused.
No more kids chasing butterflies or rolling down hills. They will be playing soccer in a fun atmosphere and this league will increase your player's development faster than any other league available. Warm up in our box soccer courts and experience 500 shots in an hr.  That is more than most players experience in a month. 
If you are interested in registering your 2009 or 2010 team in the KC Indoor Juniors Developmental League,

please register your team here!

Future plans call for locations in both Lee's Summit and North Kansas City.
We have new teams being formed each season.  If you have an interest in trying a practice, joining a team, or registering your team
please contact, 

Sarah Wallace


913-851-9898 ext 23



Our coaches are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first individual, then team success.Their commitment is to encourage brave, creative leadership in every player.
 We will support children to dare greatly and not be afraid to make mistakes!As a result no risk will be feared- on or off the field.
 This child-first mentality is exclusive to the Legends Soccer Club.Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame!

Kyle Hogge

9701 W 67th St. | Merriam, KS 66203 | www.kclegends.com
kyle@kclegendssoccer.com| 913 851 9898 x36 


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