2017/2018 Premier Boys Coaching Assignments

Age Group   Team Coach 2017 Fall Division 
2010 - U8 Academy  Poli Hanna and Daniel Nathan
2010Pre-Academy Luiz Ramirez and Michael Bazan
   Dylan Shillcutt and Meena Allada
2010  Jackson Ozburn and Devin Brown 
 2010 Jackson Ozburn and Devin Brown 
2009 - U9AcademyPat Ozburn and Nick Lee 
2009 Pre-AcademyMichael Bazan and Daniel Nathan
2009 Daniel Nathan and Luiz Ramirez  
2009 Michael Bazan and Meena Allada  
2009  Quentin Souder and Dylan Shillcutt 
 2009  Dylan Shillcutt and Daniel Betancur 
2008 - U10 Academy
 Abdullah Parker and Pat Ozburn
 Pat Ozburn and Brandon Ulm
   Pat Ozburn and David Walburn
   Gabriel Alves and David Walburn
   Meena Allada and Michael Bazan
 2008 Quentin Souder and  Daniel Betancur 
  2007 - U11Academy Andrew Vorce and Tom McCarthy  
 Andrew Vorce and Tom McCarthy
  Austin Benton and Tom McCarthy


Austin Benton and Michael Bennett

   Michael Bennett and Austin Benton
   Daniel Betancur and Michael Bennett
 2006 - U12 Academy
 Michael Villaverde and Gabriel Alves

 2006 Pre-Academy  Michael Villaverde and Gabriel Alves
   Andrew Vorce and Nick Lee
 2006 David Mayer and Jason Crawford 
 2006    David Mayer and Brandon Ulm
  2005 - U13 Academy   Abdullah Parker and Jarrod Williams
Pre-Academy Michael Villaverde and Jarrod Williams

 David Mayer and Brandon Ulm

 2005 Brandon Ulm and David Mayer 
   Dirk Lawson and Richard Dennis
 2004 - U14 Academy  Matt Iverson and Christiaan Leyva
 2004 Pre-Academy  Andrew Vorce and Lippi Souza  

 Andrew Vorce and Tom McCarthy
   Austin Benton and Tom McCarthy

 2003 - U15 Academy  Andy Barney
 2003 Pre-Academy  Andrew Vorce and Riley Cronin
 2003   Felipe Abreu and Mark Moreno
 2003    Mark Moreno and David Mayer
 2002 - U16 Academy  Poli Hanna and Kyle Hogge
 2002 Pre-Academy  Matt Ireland and Lippi Souza
 2002   Dirk Lawson and Mark Moreno
  2002   Dirk Lawson and Mark Moreno
 2001 - U17 Academy  Abdullah Parker and Kyle Hogge

 2001 Pre-Academy  Kyle Hogge and Matt Ireland
 2001    Felipe Abreu and Tom McCarthy
 2000 - U18 Academy Abdullah Parker and Kyle Hogge
 2000 Pre-Academy  Kyle Hogge and Michael Bennett  
 1999 - U19AcademyMike Vilaverde and Jarrod Williams 

TBA spots have been assigned to coaches currently affiliated with other team clubs.
Those will be released at the completion of the spring season.  
Team names are subject to change.

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