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For over twenty years the Legends club has led the way in developing your sons and daughters as great soccer players and leaders. The great success of the Legends is due to constant innovation. In the interest of maximizing your child’s potential the Legends team of great coaches has long pioneered “edgy” philosophies and training environments.

And...we’ve done it again!! But this time bigger and better than ever before!

The KC Legends Club has opened a new indoor training center 5 minutes away from the original Legends indoor facility (which is still open) at I35 & 67th St. The new facility has 4 (four) players training areas i.e. big training field, small training field, HappyFeet training and birthday party area and 9 "Wall Ball" courts.




Wall Ball Courts
However, the latest and perhaps “most significant” innovation is our unique design and construction of 9 “Wall Ball Courts”. This fantastic resource is the only one of its kind in the world!!!!! It will optimize your child’s first time shooting ability ("The Money Skill") in the most enjoyable and motivating way imaginable. These courts provide Legends players with first time shooting technique repetition in a fun, skill specific, highly tactically pressured environment.



The Legends club is already nationally famous for developing excellent deceptive dribblers who are exceptional finishers off the dribble. We now predict that our players will lead the nation in first time shooting skill. Our new “Wall Ball” shooting environment will improve your child’s "big play" first time shooting skills by an estimated multiple more than twenty times greater than any other shooting situation or drill that we have ever witnessed. A multiple of twice of anything is wonderful! Twenty times the development is literally amazing!! The extra shooting skills that your child will acquire, (and their positive effect on passing brilliance), will result in respect and leadership in high school, ODP and collegiate soccer. After years of practice in the Legends “Wall Ball” courts our players will stand out when they play on any team outside of the Legends club. Your child’s tremendous shooting skills will mark him/her as that “special player” who is able to score the most difficult one touch goal “under pressure in a crowd” or play that fantastic penetrating first time pass.



The traditional coaching theory is that, because goal scoring is so difficult and highly pressured, each team can only have a very limited number of goal scorers. As a consequence most coaches train only one or two of their players to be their team’s “goal scorers” or "stars" and restrict the other players to support roles.

However, physical education research clearly demonstrates that, with structured practice and repetition, all players can develop incredible technical skills. In the arena of neuromuscular development and sports science new and better practical methods and environments have led to quantum forward leaps in skill acquisition. Having tested the world’s first ever “Wall Ball Court” in our first training center we now know that the Legends “Wall Ball” concept is one of these “quantum leaps”. As a "Legend" player, your son or daughter will develop immeasurably greater first time ball striking ability than players who do not have access to this incredible resource!



We believe that all players can learn to strike a great first time shot or pass. The Legends approach is “The Abundance Mentality”. Why should poor coaches and/or inefficient training environments limit your child’s horizons? Over the last twenty years the Legends club has created many unconventional ways to accelerate neuromuscular learning and character growth. By using unique methods and structuring the environment in unique ways Legends coaches are able to create and nurture technically and tactically brilliant players. There are limits to human capacity but no one ever reaches “the summit” of their potential. The Legends methods and our new training center will give your son or daughter the essential impetus to reach “the summit” of his/her potential by a factor many times greater than other methods.

The Secret of All Great Shooters
Great shooters, the real pure shooters in the game, can score from anywhere near the penalty area. What is their secret? There is no secret! They practice and repeat the skill of shooting more than others, therefore they score more.

Good shooting isn't an accident. It doesn't happen by mistake. It isn't the result of half-hearted or lazy practice habits. Really great shooting is the result of shooting thousands, or even tens of thousands of practice shots from all angles and heights. It is the result of practicing your shot every day, week and month for years so that you groove your form to make shooting the ball with accuracy and power second nature, intuitive and automatic.

A great shot is the result of establishing accurate muscle memory so that the shooting motion is automatic. When you repeat a good technique thousands of times you don't have to consciously think about your shot mechanics...you shoot the ball with perfect form, just like you've practiced many times before. This is the only way for you to get good and stay good: You must repeat good form, and practice it over, and over, and over again. Then practice it some more. Repetition is the key to grooving your shot during the off-season, and keeping it dialed in during the season.

Unfortunately the word “repetition” conjures up images of boredom. Repetition smacks of “rote learning” and mindless technique drilling. In our 9 new Legends wall ball courts, shooting repetition is the most exciting skill to practice. Your child will learn to shoot in the most fun and competitive shooting environment known to man! Each player is guaranteed to be in the shooting mode for exactly 50% of each intense shooting practice. We have structured this amazing shooting environment uniquely and specifically so that you will practice in a first time shooting mode for half the total practice time and take hundreds of shots. That's incredible!!

You will enjoy the opportunity to develop finishing skills at the fastest pace possible under shooting conditions far more challenging than the game situation. Furthermore the environment is structured in such a way that the “down the middle shot” results in a lost point and the “upper90” or corner shot returns the greatest rewards.



We have created a unique “one of a kind” facility that can only help you rise to greater individual prominence and success on the local, regional & national soccer scene. You will now enjoy the proven benefits of our unique philosophy of "character training for life through soccer" earlier than ever before. All you need to do is contact us to find out how you can share in the tremendous benefits.

Kindest regards,

:) Andy Barney – Legends Soccer Clubs – National Coaching Director



A unique Happyfeet room gives children ages 2-5 their own exciting space to boost self-esteem, confidence, coordination and listening skills in a fun 30 minute soccer class.

This space is also perfect for birthday parties!

For more information, contact Jamie 913 851 9898 x46


There is even more to this fantastic facility than what has been described here. Schedule a tour today to see it all for yourself!

For more information about the wonderful array of programs in our new facility please contact KC Legends alumnus and club "Executive Director" Kyle Hogge.

913-851-9898 x 36 kyle@soccerexcellencekc.com

Kyle played for the Legends from age 4 until 19 and earned an NCAA Division One scholarship and a Master's Degree at Drury University in Missouri. Kyle coaches in the Legends club and will do everything in his power to help your son or daughter develop "Legendary" ability to beat opponents and score great goals.